Dogs4all INT Dogshow -19

Velvetdale's In The Cards BOB-Puppy
Judge: Frank Kane

Norweigan Winner Show - 19

CH Sunny Delight´s Velvet Down won a strong championclass and became second best bitch with Res-Nordic CAC.
Velvetdale's In The Cards BOB-Puppy
Judge: Jose Miguel Doval Sanchez

SSRK Åstorp 

Velvetdale's Million Dreams Best In Show 4 Puppy
Sunny Delight's Blue Moon winner of intermediate class
Judge: Gudrun Brunnström

Karlsruhe 2018

We traveled all the way down to Karlsruhe in southern Germany to attend two dog shows. The first day Wilma won open class with VDH CAC and later she became BOB and Sieger Karlsruhe 2018 out of 70 entries.

Judge females: Kalvo Kriisk
Judge males and BOB: Bertil Lundgren

The second day Wilma won champion class with VDH CAC and got the res. CACIB later on in the best bitch competition.

SKK Växjö 2018

Wilma was BOB at the International dog show in Växjö 2018. She was awarded her fifth CACIB only one day too early for the international title. She got a "Once in a lifetime" critique and I was so grateful that the judge thought so higly about her.

Judge: Ricky Lochs-Romans

Lillehammer 2018

Sweet CH Sunny Delight's Velvet Down won a strong champion class at NKK Lillehammer international dog show. She later that day became best bitch with CACIB and CAC and thereby Norwegian and Nordic champion.

This was Wilmas fourth CACIB, unfortunately only two months too early for the international title.

Judge: Filip Johnsson

SKK Tvååker 2018

A truly happy Wilma showed her socks of and was BOS with Nordic CAC at the Nordic dog show in Tvååker 2018.
Judge: Ruth Thompson

SSRK Gotland 2018

Wilma showed herselfe to BOS at the national dogshow on Gotland 2018. She got her last and crowning CAC and was thereby Swedish and Danish show champion. Later that day she was also BOS BIS-2.
Judge: Petra Junehall

SKK My Dog 2018

My always so happy Wilma was BOB at My Dog international dog show 2018. She was rewarded with CAC, CACIB and Crufts qualification 2019.
Judge: Herdis Hallmarsdottir

German Winner Show 2017

Just a few days after the success in Växjö we went to Leipzig to participate in the German Winner Show and the World dogshow. Wilma became BOB and German Winner 2017 and she was shortlisted in group 8. She got her second CACIB and a double VDH CAC. About 150 goldens registered for the German Winner show and we were on cloud nine all the way home.
Judge: Ann Ingram

SKK Växjö 2017

Sweet Wilma showed her socks off and was BOB, BIG and finaly BIS-3 out of 3556 entries at the international dog show in Växjö. She also gained her first Swedish CAC and CACIB, truly a day to remember.
Judge: Rui Oliveira

DKK Herning 2016

Sunny Delight’s Velvet Down ”Wilma” was Danish Junior Winner 2016!
Judge: Ligita Zake